Creative Renovation

I want to create spaces of tranquillity – sanctuaries and places where people feel relaxed and inspired so that they can create and be at their best.

This room is unrecognisable. It originally was one large and one small room. The wall was removed to create a large formal lounge/dining room. To enhance the proportions of the new space the ceiling was raised. This also enabled us to be more creative with the lighting. The fireplace wall and the walls on the right were rough dark brown bricks.



This arrangement is built around an old tree root.
Working with flowers is an exercise in shapes and balance.
You need to know the basic principles before you try to be "different".
I try to keep a natural picked fresh from the garden look.
Instead of a traditional vase find something unusual to work with.

Room for improvement and purpose

Rooms can be places where things get put and people sit and sleep. They can also be sophisticated; a mix of classic and modern elements which represent you as a unique individual.

There are consequences for every decision you make with a room. Each colour, each furnishing, each and every item interacts with one another and the people that enter the room.

A room should evolve, layer upon layer, to tell your story and achieve the purpose you want it to. It is the unexpected that makes a room interesting.

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Symmetry: a pattern for design?

I had an on-going battle with my youngest son when he was about preschool age.

He was constantly grouping all the cushions that had matching patterns or colours and placing them together on similarly matching couches or chairs.

I, increasingly frustrated by the unknown culprit, would go around breaking up the design clichés to reinstate some theme throughout the house.

Although this war of attrition speaks to my son’s logical manner, which has served him well as an adult, ‘matching stuff in bunches’ in design doesn’t really work.

What not to do…

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